B Homecare: Companion Care Services

    ompanionship services are provided by our caregivers  to clients requesting that type of assistance. This includes running errands, shopping, helping around the house, and attending community activities. B Homecare supports the client in spending money on items they like, and being a thriving member of the community instead of feeling like a shut-in. It’s your life, and B Homecare wants to facilitate and encourage living it to its fullest potential by assisting in any way to maintain the sense of normalcy and independence cultivated over the years of your life.


B Homecare can develop and discuss the best assisted living options for each of our patients. Our caregivers provide the highest level of home care services and make any and all of the proper adjustments to provide the correct type of home health aide.


B-Homecare Care Aides for Companionship and More.

For clients needing  assisted living,  our   home care  providers  provide help with tasks such as getting dressed, eating, bathing, and activities of daily living (ADLs) – that are increasingly hard to do for those needing companionship services. B Homecare’s in home care providers will evaluate and review your requirements to introduce you to the personnel who fits to your precise needs in companionship services.


B Homecare provides respite care as a home health aide to families. Respite care is beneficial to both child and the other family members as it provides relief and support to the family members usually saddled with extra responsibilities pertaining to raising a child with special needs. For the child needing respite care, our in home care providers encourage growth and mental well being as an active and important member of the family. As it is with assisted living and all other companionship services, B Homecare believes in our clients having a sense of being an important member of the family and community.

What  You can expect from B-Homecare's Companion Care Services

B-Homecare provides many individual services as it relates to our home companion care services. The following is a list of deliverables that are included in our premier home companion care services.

Home Safety Evaluation


Assistance with a safe bathing environment

Assistance with Dressing and Clothing Suggestions


Escorting to Appointments and Social Events

Assistance with Pet Care

Helping Start and End the Day (Getting out of bed, back in bed and everything in between)

Stand-by Assistance with Walking and Transfers*

Reminder Services (Medication, Dates, Routines, etc.)

Preparing Meals and Feeding

Performing Light House Keeping

Errands (Prescription Pick-Up, Dry Cleaning, etc.)

Organizing and Reading Mail

Grocery Shopping

Entertaining (Games, Crafts, Reading, etc.)

In Home Companion Care: Two Primary Goals of B-Homecare

To administer quality home companion care services in the home and assist the patient and family when the caregiver is unable, unwilling, or unabailable to assist with patients's needs.

To assist and facilitate the patients's transition from a hospital or other healthcare facility into their own environment by providing the necessary services without interruption.

B Homcare Companion Services is part of our services, which has become one of the fastest growing home services. As a full-service homecare company, we have earned a reputation for our dedication to customer service and for the quality of our care professionals. It is engrained in our culture to strive for excellence through serving the needs of others. This is evident in our ongoing efforts to assess and refine our management, field and support processes.


B Homecare staff is carefully screened and credentialed, and has experience providing care for adult, geriatric, and pediatric patients with a variety of ailments. We ensure our services are provided for the entire time it is needed and require that our care representatives are available 24-hours a day, seven days a week, so assistance is always at your fingertips.


When you work with B Homecare, you're partnering with an innovative company that’s committed to making homecare more responsive and effective every day.

If you would like to learn more about how B-Homecare can help you or your loved one, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. You are not committed to any services by speaking with one of our knowledgeable staff. We would be excited to be help you to learn more and welcome the opportunity to try to help!

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